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Welcome to End Time Hour with Jason Carter

End Time Hour with Jason Carter on Eternal Radio is a groundbreaking current affairs program looking at news through the lens of end time bible prophecy. As global turmoil mounts Jason discusses current news, shares a weekly topic, and encourages the listener to draw ever closer into relationship with the Lord Jesus through worship, a word of encouragement and prayer. In the world's increasing darkness – we need a brave new church!

Jason Carter serves together with his wife on the pastoral staff of Life Church UK, Folkestone, England, where they also oversee small groups and the training of small group leaders. Jason's humanitarian concerns have taken him from the refugee camps of Nepal to the children of Heidi Baker's orphanages in Mozambique. After experiencing what Jason calls a 'dramatic wake up call' he turned his attention to writing and teaching on the subject of the Apocalypse. Jason has taught on the subject of ‘Signs of the End Times’ at Life Bible College and is the author of two books – Trumpet Blast Warning and Beyond Earthly Realms.

End Time Hour will return to Eternal Radio with a new series in February 2018.

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